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KDS Erate RFP 2016-17

VOIP Hosted Services: VOIP 2017-18 : The existing contract for VOIP serviced expires June 30th 2017

- Bids are due Friday January, 6th 2017 at 3:00 PM in the Kings Daughters; main office.

- Bids may be faxed to Eric Previti@ 931-388-0405, or emailed to attn. Eric Previti

- This proposal is being issued under the requirements of the Federal E-Rate Program and the successful bidder will be expected to abide by the requirements of the E-Rate Program and school bid process. The King’s Daughters’ School reserves the right to purchase any or all of the equipment and services listed in this proposal. Quantities may change subject to the schools’ needs and at the sole discretion of the school. Proposals will be accepted in accordance with E-Rate rules and regulations.

Purchase is contingent on the District receiving E-Rate funding. For detailed info.:

1) Summary & rationale: The King’s Daughters’ School is accepting bids for a VOIP Hosted Solution.

2) Background: The King’s Daughters’ School currently consists of 3 locations:

i) KDS Main Campus

ii) KDS Davis Hall

iii) KDS Center for Autism

 The 3 locations are each linked via a fiber connection with one fiber port at each location. Within each building, network connections are either 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

3) Required Specifications:

i) 60+ users

ii_ Unified Communications and voice messaging with the ability to integrate email system notification.

iii) Must be able to port existing phone numbers

iv) Enhanced 911

v) Local alert to designated personnel in the event a 911 call is made.

vi) Enhanced 911 must support multiple location reporting.

vii) Domestic local/long distance

viii) Schools require inter-location call transfers.

ix) existing Mitel hardware MUST be used. Include any reprograming charges separately.

x) Faxing services are also required. There are 4 offices that need fax service. The number must also be ported.

xi) All note E-rate covered items must be quoted separately.

Internet service for school: Internet 2017-18

Internet Service: High speed internet service with one static IP address. We currently have a cable modem. With all the increased use of technology, we see the possible need to upgrade to 1 gig fiber internet service in the future. If you supply both types of internet, quote both, separately.

2 fiber lines to connect school to building across the street from school and to connect CFA Campus 1.7 miles away.

This RFP will be listed in accordance with the standards of the Erate Funding Program. Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to: Eric Previti, Technology Coordinator at 931-548-0080 or at








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