Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions below.
How much does tuition cost at KDS?

Tuition varies for each program and within each program at KDS. Your child’s exact tuition amount will be determined after you have submitted all paperwork for admissions. Then, based upon your child’s application, evaluations, and IEP, KDS staff will determine what level of care your child will require, and tuition will be determined based upon that.

How is tuition funded?

In general, tuition is privately funded. For the school-aged program, tuition can come from families or sometimes from school systems.

Does insurance, Medicaid or Medicaid Waiver cover tuition?

No. The King’s Daughters’ School is a long-term school, rather than a short-term treatment facility, so insurance will not fund KDS, nor can KDS accept Medicaid or Medicaid waiver for tuition.

Do state agencies fund KDS?

Yes, the school can accept state funding from many agencies (not including Medicaid or Medicaid Waiver). If a state agency is interested in funding your child, please contact us to determine if this can be arranged.

Do school systems fund KDS?

Yes, school systems do sometimes fund KDS—parents and/or the school system initiate this process. If the school system is funding, we will work with them to meet any specific requirements they may have.

Does KDS have scholarships or other financial aid?

Over the years, KDS has developed a small scholarship fund. These funds are reserved for existing families, to help offset tuition increases. They range up to $250/month.

Can someone at KDS help set up funding for me?

Unfortunately, KDS does not have a full-time, dedicated admissions or financial aid officer. Therefore, tuition/funding arrangements must be made prior to a student’s being accepted at the school.

What does tuition cover? Are there any other expenses?

Tuition is all-inclusive, covering educational expenses, room, & board (including all residential learning expenses as well). The only things not covered by tuition are incidentals, such as school uniforms, haircuts, and special trips. These items are covered by a Student Spending Account, which a parent funds with approximately $50/month. This is the only expense outside of tuition, clothing, medical co-pays, etc.

Are therapies and counseling covered in tuition?

Yes. Tuition includes speech and/or occupational therapy and counseling services, if required in the IEP. Therapies are one of the factors considered in determining each child’s individual tuition amount.

How often is tuition paid?

Tuition is due quarterly, and must be paid in advance.

Is there a contract and deposit required?

Yes, KDS requires a one-year contract; however, there is a one-month cancellation clause in the contract if necessary for either party. A deposit equal to one month’s tuition is payable upon acceptance into the program—the remainder of the first quarter’s tuition is due upon enrollment.

How do I contact my child?

You can call the school during the day or your child’s residence in the evening. Emails and letters are also fine.

When can we visit?

You can arrange to visit your child at any time. We do request that you call ahead just to make sure that the child is on campus and not out doing an activity. Most students go home for two-week breaks in August and December and for special family occasions.

Will my child receive a diploma?

Students will receive a special education diploma stating they have satisfied their IEP requirements.

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