KDS maintains an admissions team that reviews referrals and applications and accepts all students who are appropriate for the program, without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin (we are not accepting adults 40+ at this time.) Our school is not appropriate for homicidal or suicidal individuals or those with criminal backgrounds.

Your child may be right for KDS if he or she has a below average IQ, is working below grade level and has been diagnosed with some type of developmental delay.

In order to consider your child for admission, we ask you to complete the following steps:

Initial Admission Packet 1. You are welcome to call The King’s Daughters’ School at 931.388.3810 and ask to speak to someone regarding Admissions, to get overall information. However, please be aware that we cannot make an enrollment determination, campus recommendation, or accurate tuition estimates over the phone without a complete enrollment packet.

2. Complete the KDS Application for Admission (online only at,

3. Send diagnostic and program information: your student’s most recent psychological evaluation, most recent IEP, any behavior plan or behavioral data, and any relevant medical information to

4. Complete a Request for Release of Information Form (print from this page) for each program your student has attended within the past 5 years, and return all forms to, (We request that you “check off” and consent to ALL areas of information/records, as this will best help us make an admission determination.)

Admission Determination 5. You may be asked to provide additional information in order to make an admission determination; this may include but is not limited to the following: video clips or Skype interview, additional medical information, etc.

6. The KDS Admission Team will meet to determine how your student may or may not benefit from The King’s Daughters’ School. 

7. KDS will follow up with you regarding an admission determination.

8. If your student is accepted for admission and you wish to move forward, we will schedule a tour of the campus.

9. Complete the KDS Consents, which are found in a PDF file on the KDS application portal,

10. Secure pre-enrollment medical exams/medications: Ensure your student has results from physical, dental, & vision exams within the past year, as well as medications/prescriptions for 3 months.

11. For families of adults, complete an independent financial assessment; information is provided by the KDS Admission Team.

Enrollment 12. Set an enrollment date, along with the KDS Admission Team. Please note KDS offers enrollments at the beginning of the week, before lunchtime.

13. You will receive a series of enrollment emails, which will provide packing lists, a parent handbook, a checklist of items and paperwork needed for enrollment, contact information, and your contract for services.


Request for Release of Information Form

Available for download here.


Tuition and Fee Costs for The King's Daughters' School 2021-2022.

Available for download here.

Once your child has been accepted to KDS, you will need to provide the following items for the enrollment process:

• Completed KDS Application for Admission
• Two copies of the KDS Contract for Services (provided upon acceptance)
• Tuition (minus deposit)
• A copy of student’s birth certificate
• A copy of student’s Social Security Card
• Copies of any insurance cards
• A two supply of all medications
• Prescriptions for two months’ worth of medications
• Copies of student’s most recent physical, dental, and vision exams
• Immunization record
• KDS Consent for Assessment
• KDS Medical Authorization
• Special Olympics Release Form